How to Learn Arabic: Start with Classical Arabic

Within written Arabic, we will distinguish between 2 types; trendy normal Arabic (MSA) and Classical Arabic.

MSA  conjointly called literary Arabic, is that the language typically employed in newspapers, books and the other text with a global audience. It’s the language that unites all Arabic speaking countries, irrespective of their totally different dialects once speaking.

Classical Arabic, conjointly called Quranic Arabic, is that the language employed in the Book and Muslim texts.

Although there are some variations between MSA and Classical Arabic, these are typically negligible and also the 2 are typically seen as interchangeable within the countries of the center East and geographical region.

Learning MSA is a lot of helpful if you wish to go to associate degree Arabic speaking country and you wish to speak with the locals. Classical Arabic is a lot of helpful is you wish to review the Book.

Seeing as this text focuses on learning the Book, we’ll examine learning Classical Arabic.


Classical Arabic is marched on kind to ancient classical Arabic, that exists within the rite literature of Islam.

The purpose of Classical Arabic is to know the written material of the Book, and thus, logically, it should be learned so as to review the Muslim Holy book.

The verses of the Book are studied wide by Muslims, with eightieth of Muslims being non-Arabs: Persians, Indonesians, Turks, Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Chinese…

To be ready to scan and perceive the Book, begin by learning the alphabet. There are twenty-eight letters within the alphabet, and every letter has four forms in keeping with its placement within the sentence: isolated, first, middle, and last.

If Arabic isn’t your language, take Semitic courses to boost your language skills.

This will facilitate with Arabic pronunciation (phonology, vowels, guttural consonantal system), Arabic writing, Arabic reading, Arabic speaking, Arabic descriptive linguistics (verbs, personal pronouns, possessive pronouns, conjugations, diphthongs), and up your Arabic vocabulary.


Here’s what you’ll be able to liquidate order to be told to scan classical Arabic:

  • Take some time as a result of it’s a fancy language
  • Be diligent as a result of it’s typically necessary to be told new words by memory
  • Learn the alphabet
  • Apply Arabic through reading (Arabic press articles, the Quran)
  • Hear Arabic-language news (Al-Jazeera for example)
  • Raise your teacher to feature exercises in Arabic writing
  • Converse in Arabic with native speakers to boost your oral expression
  • Follow Arabic courses online
  • Learn Quran Online with Arabic Grammars and translation
  • Learn from Arabic specified courses


It may take you a year or 2 to master Classical reading Arabic. However, in my opinion, it’s a key step to require before reading the traditional Arabic found within the Book.

As presently as this stage of reading is over, you’ll be able to persist to review the Book so as to know the verses.